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Online club "Understanding Music" for music students (in German and English):

Every third Friday, 7 to 8 pm.

Annual membership fee 69 euros.

Meetings free of charge for students from music universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Once a month for music students and interested parties to exchange ideas and experiences.

Become a club member now!


Workshops for club members

25 euros per evening/90 minutes/maximum 10 participants (registration ongoing)


Individual, intensive work with Dr. Anna Fortunova according to her method – also in preparation for competitions, exams, auditions!

Individual lessons, 90 minutes

First meeting: free of charge

1 month: 4 coachings, 90 minutes each, 500 Euro per month.

3 months: 12 coachings, 90 minutes each, 400 Euro per month – you save 300 Euro compared to one month coaching!

My Recommendation 6 months: 24 coachings, 90 minutes each, 350 Euro per month – you save 900 Euro compare to one month coaching!

Workshops, lectures, concert moderations etc.:

Price by arrangement



Promoting the musical-artistic development & motivation of children.

Dear parents: feel free to contact me on +49-176-381-988-34


Do you have any questions, wishes or suggestions? Feel free to contact me! We always find a solution!

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