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“UnderstandingMusic” system is a method by Dr. Fortunova, taught in English, German and Russian, digitally or analogue, in workshops or tailored to personal needs as individual or small group coaching. For musicians, music students in training and all people who love lifelong learning and understanding.

The aim of the Understanding Music System is to enable as many people as possible to discover and develop their creative potential. Using concrete tools and examples such as compositions, poems or paintings, you too can easily learn some of the most important basics of the holistic understanding of music and art.

As a result, all people who are interested in music can feel more joy in music and music-making and develop as personalities. A special added value for music students and musicians is that they practise more effectively, feel more confident in stage performances, exams or teaching, and also become more motivated, relaxed and successful overall.

Why understanding music?

Music, like other arts, is a way of understanding the world, an inexhaustible source of wisdom and joy. It is created by people for people and is a means of communication.

Music can do more than move us emotionally. Through their music, composers communicate ideas that we can understand, they communicate with us through their works about themes such as life and death, love and freedom – themes that move us all. By understanding music, it becomes a means of communication for you too and you will be able to interpret music in your own personal way beyond performance.

Understanding music enriches life and can help us find answers to our most important questions. It can offer us orientation, make us more successful and happier. When we understand music better, we understand life better.

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